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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Concave FORT's Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution assists enterprises in strengthening their overall security posture by minimizing risk exposure, assuring adherence to industry requirements, and aligning with information security best practices and standards.

Gain Clarity

Find weaknesses and blind spots in your security plan involving people, procedures, and technologies.

Reduce Risk

Find your highest-risk areas and fix them.

Estimate Impact

Measure security maturity today, and develop resilience tomorrow.

Governance, Risk & Compliance(GRC) Services

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Improve visibility and accountability for the safeguards your company employs to secure sensitive data.

Our security professionals can review your present security posture and assist you in evolving your security program to meet the needs of today’s threat scenario.

  • NIST CSF Maturity Modeling

  • 800-53 Assessments

  • 800-171 DFARS Assessments

  • ISO 27001

  • CMMC

  • CIS CSC (Critical Security Controls)


Mobile Application Penetration Test

Concave FORT bases its evaluations of cyber security on the NIST CSF.

1. Access & Examine

To better understand your business, look at the current controls, and communicate with critical system owners.

2. Inspect & Evaluate

Brainstorm about various implementations and their potential effects on your business. Then, compare them to the corresponding controls in the framework.

3. Architecture Remediation Plan

Give a designation of low, moderate, or high in regard to the existing implementation.

4. Report

Deliver assessment findings and a thorough plan for corrective action.

Maturity Assessment Output

Decision-making Summary Report

Enables you to support your organization’s efforts to be secure by assisting you in communicating your security posture and its consequences to business decision-makers.

Gap Analysis Report

A thorough matrix that contrasts current baseline technological controls with the necessary NIST 800-171, 800-53, ISO 27001, etc. control level requirements is included in the study.

Detailed Remediation Roadmap

The plan, which will serve as a guide for correcting inadequacies, will be based on the sequence of important results.

Risk Assessment

Concave FORT offers a range of risk assessment services that assist businesses in recognizing, quantifying, and reducing operational risks. Concave FORT’s risk assessment services are created to offer a clear, concise analysis of risk exposure as well as practical suggestions for risk mitigation, whether they are focused specifically on compliance with industry regulations (NIST, ISO, etc.) or are more broadly focused (information security, IT, cybersecurity, etc.).

  • Business Attack Surface Analysis
  • Gain visibility into your organization’s complete attack surface.
  • Third-Party Risk Assessments
  • Identify vendors with poor cybersecurity hygiene before they become a liability to your firm.
  • Remediation Support
  • Unburden your security personnel while tackling security problems with best practices in cybersecurity.
  • Uncover sensitive data
  • Determine the most important data for your company and safeguard it from malicious users.

Risk Assessment Approach


Examine current safeguards in light of the risk management plan.

Inspect And Evaluate

Evaluate your business in the perspective of each implementation recommendation’s overall business impact and the relevant Regulatory controls.


Give a designation of low, moderate, or high in regard to the existing implementation.


Results of the evaluation and a thorough, doable, and realistic roadmap for remediation should be provided.

Concave FOFRT’s trained professionals conduct thorough risk assessments that increase efficiency, clarity, and measurable value.

Risk Assessment Outputs



Analytical Summary

Risk Management Framework Metrics

Maturity Ranking

A Realistic, Phased Strategy Roadmap

Compliance Assessments

Meet regulatory demands in a proactive manner, and gain the tools you  need to continuously develop and modify your security program to meet   the needs of your expanding organization.

  • NIST CSF Maturity Modeling
  • 800-53 Assessments
  • 800-171 DFARS Assessments
  • ISO 27001
  • CMMC
  • CIS CSC (Critical Security Controls)

Compliance Assessment Process

The compliance readiness professionals at Concave FORT add context     and clarity to the once-chaotic process of meeting regulatory demands.

Compliance regulations are intended to be one-size-fits-all. Unfortunately, your non-standard processes, workflows, and vulnerabilities necessitate a more comprehensive approach to satisfying the mandate.


Examine your present cyber threats, organizational risks, and overall cybersecurity posture.


Determine the approach with the least amount of resistance to satisfying important regulatory standards and requirements.


Identify gaps and opportunities for process alignment across compliance frameworks.


Optimize compliance process for efficient ongoing maintenance of compliance program

Compliance Assessment Outputs



Analytical Summary

Compliance Framework Metrics

Maturity Ranking

A Realistic, Phased Strategy Roadmap

Intelligent Data Services

Operating your organization without knowing your exposure to a ransomware attack can be devastating. In such a scenario, you may be required by a regulatory authority depending on your industry and the type of data you handle to comply with data security standards and ensure the data you store is encrypted and secure to the highest standards.

Concave FORT in collaboration with Commvault provides solutions to prevent your stored data from ransomware attacks and prevent them before they occur using Commvault’s layered approach to ransomware protection and recovery through a combination of machine learning algorithms, air gap, and honeypot mechanisms to detect ransomware attacks.”

Keeping your data safe starts with being recovery ready. A complete ransomware recovery strategy includes identifying what the existing risks are and reducing those risks to mitigate a successful attack and lessen its impact. There are five things you should do: plan, prevent, monitor, restore (quickly), and test.

Our Cyber Plan

Our cybersecurity plan is a blend of multiple frameworks and compliances based on the following key compliances/frameworks...


The best practices, standards, and guidelines for managing cybersecurity risk are included in this voluntary Framework. In comparison to security protocols that address the current problem, this offers cost and time savings.


In order to ensure that security is built into a web application from the beginning and that the final product is as secure as possible, OWASP is a free and open security community project that offers a vast amount of information and tools to assist anyone involved in the creation, development, testing, implementation, and support of a web application.

ISO 27001

The ISO framework is a collection of rules and procedures that businesses can use. Any size or industry of business can use the framework provided by ISO 27001 to protect its information in a methodical and economical manner.


The main objective of the CMMC is to strengthen and guarantee the security of sensitive data, including the Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) related to federal contractors.


Payment card data is protected and secured during processing, handling, storage, and transmission according to the PCI DSS's technological requirements. No matter their size or processing techniques, all firms handling payment card data must adhere to these rules and be PCI compliant.