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Secure Architecture

What is Security Architecture and why do I need it in my organization?

Security architecture is an all comprising, comprehensive process that is put in place to make the implementation of security solutions safer. It addresses the security risks and necessities through a combination of people, processes and technology. The need for having a secure architecture has never been more important in managing your cyber security risks. The increase in volume and the growing complexity of threats means that robust and comprehensive measures must be implemented to protect your company’s assets.

What We Offer?

Our Security Architecture Reviews are a collection of services based on CIS Top 18, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53; designed to evaluate the effectiveness of technical and operational security controls deployed in an organization.

The resulting report will highlight risks associated with the below security domains with an advisory to re-mediate and improve the resilience of the organization’s security posture.

Our secure architecture reviews considers 3 key assessment areas that can be utilized by you to support your cyber security needs regardless of the cyber maturity of your organization.

  1. Secure Architecture Review

  2. Network Security Architecture review

  3. Infrastructure Security review

  4. Secure Configuration review

We also provide consulting services to help you design and deploy a secure network from the ground up and anywhere in between.

secure architecture review services

Secure Architecture Audit

Secure Architect audit
Secure Architecture Review

We begin by understanding the organization’s business goals and control objectives and conduct a review using CIS 18 controls and assess the maturity of your security architecture.

In a comprehensive audit, we review the network design, protocols and data flow to and from the network, core technologies that the network is reliant upon to meet its security objectives and assess them against relevant standards, laws & regulations.

Our security architects can carry out a thorough GAP analysis to identify and record the current security status of your IT infrastructure. The objective of the assessment is to use the results to protect critical assets, infrastructure and information by strengthening your security posture.

Network Security Architecture Review

We review your network design, key components, protocols and data flow to and from the network, core technologies that the network is reliant upon to meet its security objectives, and assess them against relevant standards, laws/regulations, and prevailing good practice.

We scan your network for vulnerabilities and look for sensitive information. The resulting report will highlight the security risks in your network security and suggestions to mitigate the risks.

Network Security Architecture Review

Network Interference Review

Infrastructure Security Review
Infrastructure Security Review

Securing your core infrastructure is as important as securing your endpoints and your network from external threats. Ensuring business continuity and making sure that no unauthorized entity can access your critical assets means having security controls in place and continuously monitoring your devices for threats.

We can assess the capability of your Infrastructure, and the security controls set on your servers and firewalls. We review the policies and technologies in use (wireless, VOIP, Email), Boundary protection (VPNs, BYOD, Airgaps).

We can provide advice and solutions on how to ensure security throughout your environment and highlight the security risks in your architecture and provide suggestions to mitigate the risks.

Network Configuration Review

Network Device Audit and Configuration Review

We perform configuration reviews of all critical Network and Infrastructure devices (Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Servers).
The architect analyzes the Device management environment, Minimum Security Baseline Configuration, Access control policies, Change Management, Patch Management, configuration hardening, and Segmentation controls and performs Mapping of the device rule base on organization security policy.
We perform the audit and configuration review of the device against industry standards using a mix of automated and manual tests.

Network Device Audit and Configuration Review

Secure Architecture Consultancy

Secure Architecture Consulting Services
Secure Architecture Consulting Services

We provide Secure Architecture Consulting to help you develop a strong Network Infrastructure with Security throughout the design and deployment process.

Some services we provide:

  • Planning & Deployment of networks from the ground up

  • Web Server Hardening

  • Firewall & Network secure configurations

  • Secure Data hosting

Benefits of Secure Architecture Review

Benefits of Secure Architecture Review

  • Fewer security breaches

  • Initiative defense exclusive measures cost less

  • In the event of a breach, it mitigate disciplinary measures

  • To assess & mitigate risk

  • To reinforce the network security process

  • To Validate that current security mechanisms are working

  • Compliance to security standards and regulations

Find out What Makes us Different

We work with the client closely to define all assets that fall within the scope of the security architecture review. One of the main things we consider is the business requirement of the client to ensure that your business requirements are at the forefront. We follow a NIST based approach using CIS as the base to implement and review the critical controls to assess and ensure security in the architecture.

We believe in close communication and we have a well rounded team, meaning that we can offer you a security architecture service that is not only technical but can provide a holistic and strategic business approach. This unique combination of technical and non-technical knowledge offers a different viewpoint in assessing and maintaining security risks to your organization.

Tailored Architecture
Tailored Architecture

Concave FORT utilizes a combination of people, processes & technology to optimize and customize your security architecture.

Complete Support
Complete Support

Concave FORT experts are ready to support and guide your internal resources from design through implementation activities.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Implement your security architecture according to regulatory requirements and customer requests.

Focus on Progress
Focus on Progress

Build a security architecture that's ready to make progress with you as your organization continues to grow and change.